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05 Jan 2021

- -  Written By: Tom Lewis  - - 

As we head into another difficult time for the country; I thought it appropriate to kick off a project I've been planning for this site.  Since a lot of us have been spending so much time at home recently, I had the idea for this project called Blind, where I blindfold myself; setting my camera to optimum settings for the light in the room, and take some photos of the space I live in. Specifically making them out of focus to compliment the distorted and blurry view we all have at the moment, as the world continues to turn itself upside down. The future is unclear to us all  right now, and we have no idea when life will begin to return to some form of normality.

For anyone interested in this type of photography I really recommend having a go at this, though take care not to injure yourselves. All the photos that you'll see in this series were taken while stood on the spot or sat down. I didn't think it safe to actually walk around blindfolded, and I'm sure you can imagine what the results would have been from that.

I've added some film grain to the images in this project for a nostalgic feel of a time when  photos had that grainy feel, and life was completely different to how it is now.

All the images in this series will be in black and white because I feel the world right now, is very much like this. Instant rules put upon us to ensure the safety of the greater population.

And we all have to adjust and instantly snap into action.

I hope the people who struggle the most whilst being locked down, can once again pull through this troubling time. One thing I know for sure, we are all in this together. Even though some have to risk their lives on the front line in hospitals, care homes, and other troubled areas of society. To all these people, i'm eternally grateful for the work you do.

And here I am, promoting a photography site, which some may think has the least relevance considering what's going on. Something which I feel an element of guilt for. But on the other hand, if my words and photos can help someone out there, like producing them helps me, I think I've done a good thing.

All my work on this site is to signify a refusal to let this virus stop me from working, even if i'm not being paid. After all, thats what this thing wants, to cripple the globe. Sorry covid, you'll have to try harder than this to take down the human race. And please don't get me wrong, I am aware that so many lives are sadly being lost right now, and those people will not be forgotten.

I'll be posting a new photo in this series every Tuesday, until the day this strict lockdown ends, or we begin to drop down the tier system, and it will available on my site, as long as I live, marking this moment in history.

Look after yourselves; and each other as much as we are allowed to right now, and remember, a text message to someone struggling goes a long way :)     

I hope someone out there enjoy's my work as much as I enjoy making it.                      

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