Who Am I?

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Tom Lewis is a Photographer and Artist living in Cheltenham, UK. This is a place where you can view his work, and ongoing projects.

I like to create realistic photos of the world around me, using minimal editing techniques, and as little image cropping as possible.      

I recently became interested in bridging photography and painting together in some way; mostly for my own fun, and to satisfy a curiosity.

You can see my first project Blind, on the Project page.

I also have a growing interest in the world of computer programming as a result of  making this site. I'm learning HTML & CSS right now and I plan to go on to Javascript in the future.

If you require the services of Tom Lewis Photography or have any questions or queries, please contact via email, using the orange envelope below.

You can also find my work on 500px, Instagram, and Facebook.

Please find the social links at the bottom of each page.                

A Message From the Site Creator

I created this site with the wonderful help of SmugMug, and without the help of their dedicated support and customisation teams; this would not have been possible.

I'd like to thank anyone who helped me with this project, kindly giving me any CSS code I needed. Since making this site, my eyes have be opened to the world of computer programming and, i'm in the process of learning HTML & CSS, hoping one day I can build my own website.

The logo, photos, and articles on this site are made and written by myself, and is completely my own work.

Thank you for viewing my site.

  - -  Written by Site Creator: Tom Lewis  - -

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